Tiffany Teo Has A Love For Teaching

Tiffany Teo Has A Love For Teaching

ONE Championship - June 24, 2020

Tiffany “No Chill” Teo is a lifelong student of martial arts.

Since she fell in love with Muay Thai after watching the reality show The Contender Asia, the Singaporean martial artist has continued to develop her skills in other disciplines.

Today, “No Chill” is a professional mixed martial artist whose diverse talent in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, and Muay Thai have led to a 9-1 record on the global stage.

Teo’s thirst for knowledge extends to extra-curricular pursuits outside the cage. The ONE Championship women’s strawweight number one ranked contender also doubles as a freelance yoga instructor.

A big advocate of experiential learning, Teo is happy to pass on teachable moments in her life and help her students improve physically and mentally.

“I started Yoga after I had a nerve injury on my shoulder, the stretching helps your muscles to recover and I feel it’s important for injury prevention,” she said.

“Over the years it helped with my recovery and my flexibility. It compliments my jiu-jitsu and striking too.”

Being a professional athlete, physical fitness has always ranked high on Teo’s agenda. However, it was mental wellness that formed the foundations behind the Singaporean’s passion for teaching.

The Team Highlight Reel product graduated with a Bachelor Of Arts in Psychology from the University Of Buffalo in 2013, and she worked as a research coordinator before becoming a behavioral therapist for special-needs children.

Teo’s stint with the kids was cut short once her martial arts career took off, but the 32-year-old still has a soft spot for teaching.

“Recently, my focus has kind of changed a bit, I’m more interested in counseling now,” she said.

“I’m actually thinking about getting my certification and masters’ in counseling. That’s something I can do even when I’m still in combat sports. Of course, when I do decide to switch focus, then fighting will take a backseat.”

With her experience in neuropsychology and research, Teo figures this is just a natural transition and an excellent back-up plan should she decide to stop competing.

“Of course, it’s always good to have a backup plan,” she said. “I love teaching and I can do this part-time anyways!”

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