Angela Lee Fills Up The Stat Sheets In Thailand!

Angela Lee Fills Up The Stat Sheets In Thailand!

FightGeek Hermit - March 23, 2017
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Source: ONE Championship

We’ve waited ten long months for the “Unstoppable” Angela Lee to fight once again in the ONE Championship cage since she was crowned the world’s youngest Asian MMA Champion. So when it was finally announced that she would be returning to defend her title against Jenny Huang, headlining in Bangkok, Thailand, we were a little anxious to see the state of her comeback after the long hiatus.

Good thing for her massive following of fans in Asia and us FightGeeks logging her match statistics, with 334 strikes attempted over 13 minutes and 37 seconds by Angela Lee alone, her return did not disappoint one bit! Angela showcased a refined striking game, and she was everything she said she would be matching up against Jenny during her pre-fight interviews leading up to the event. The results and our data fully agree with her personal analysis.

Angela vs Jenny - Warrior Kingdom - Post Match Analysis

Throughout the entire fight, the Champion dominated in virtually every offensive and defensive category. Lee stuck to an obvious game plan of keeping the fight standing on their feet, where she clearly stood at an advantage in both reach and skills set. She would spend all three rounds out-striking Huang and imposing her will in almost every exchange. Beyond executing a smart strategy, Lee also demonstrated excellent cardio in her game, as well as her signature style of “controlled aggression” where she overwhelmed her opponent with pace, strikes in volume and also accuracy without burning herself out. Her entire performance could be summed up as a blitz of beauty. A style and artistry we’ve missed in women’s MMA in Asia for almost an entire year.

Her entire performance could be summed up as a blitz of beauty. A style and artistry we’ve missed in women’s MMA in Asia for almost an entire year.

Source: ONE Championship

Total Stats

As mighty a killer the lioness may be, it has no business swimming in the sea with sharks… Jenny Huang showed an enormous amount of grit choosing to stand and strike with Lee, but I believe the fight would have been more competitive had it gone to the ground before she took a ton of damage in the striking exchange. Although the Champion is no slouch on the ground either, in the grappling domain, Jenny would at least have stood a better chance at pulling another rabbit out of the hat! We wish Jenny well in staging her comeback from this loss and look forward to seeing her dynamic style of grappling in the cage again soon.

Meanwhile, it’s great to know we won’t have to wait too long to see Angela Lee fight once again, as she will be making her next title defense shortly in May, in Singapore, against a totally different breed of opponent in Istela Nunes from Brazil. Let us hear your predictions now!

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  1. Juchi

    This upcoming fight with Nunes should be telling, as Nunes is by far and away the best striker we have seen to date. While it was great to see Lee’s improvement in striking against Huang, I would have loved to have seen a competitive grappling fight between the two. I doubt if the ultimate outcome of a victory for Lee would have been any different but at least the fight would have been far more competitive – I think.

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