Albert Cheng says Tournament is “only for the elite”

Albert Cheng says Tournament is “only for the elite”

FightGeek - February 11, 2017
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Albert Cheng says the $1 Million Tournament is “only for the elite” Albert Cheng (8-3, Evolucao Thai, Canada) will face Sasaki Shinji in the International Trials for the ROAD FC $1 Million Lightweight Tournament on February 11, 2017. Ahead of the match, he spoke about the opportunity to compete and his altruistic plans.

Albert Cheng had a rocky start to his MMA career, but it all changed in 2013 with the call up to participate in UFC’s TUF China. With a spotlight on Chinese fighters, Cheng got the chance to shine. In the show’s matches, he went 1-1 but impressed enough to earn a spot on the UFC card for the finale in Macau.

However, Cheng was to taste disappointment again when several blows shut his eye and the doctor waived off the fight. That was the last time he experienced defeat. Cheng went on a 6-fight win streak with 2 straight in ROAD FC, and was chosen for the International Trials. Cheng has hit the perfect stride with his performances, and it’s given him massive confidence, “I am honoured to be here. It’s an amazing feel. To compete in a tournament like this is only for the elite. When was the last time there was a lightweight tournament for a million USD?! Road FC is establishing themselves as one of the best promotions in the world. I am extremely impressed with their production level, fighter roster, and how well they treat us.”

But Cheng has a serious target in mind, “ROAD FC lightweight champion Kwon A-Sol is a tough, skilled, durable champion. I’m willing to fight anyone, but I will beat him.”

Cheng definitely has his eyes on the prize. However, he’s not only in it for the money, “Becoming the champion would be the culmination of all my hard work and dedication.

A dream come true. Yes, financial freedom is great but I never got into this sport for the money. I do this because I love it. When I win the $1 million, I will make some smart financial investments and donate to charity. The real beauty of life is through genuinely giving – something that I have come to understand in the last couple of years.”

Cheng may have become more altruistic recently, yet the foundation was already laid by his hero in life, “My father is my role model. He persevered through difficult times and raised 5 kids on his own. He taught me a lot of the morals and beliefs that I still hold to this day. My mission is to help inspire and transform people’s lives for the better.”

My mission is to help inspire and transform people’s lives for the better.

For Cheng, his MMA career has contributed to his life in many ways, “At my last fight with Road FC in Changsha, I met a large branch of my extended family that I probably would have never seen otherwise. To be able to perform and win in front of them for the first time was a feeling that I will never forget. Family first!”

In conclusion, Cheng shares his gratitude to his fans, “I am truly blessed to be able to perform for you guys. Big things are coming and I want to be able to share it with all of you. Thank you for your support!”

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